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Performing Onsite, Real-Time Mobile Forensic Collection, Analysis, and Identification

Booz Allen’s VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device enables real-time forensic analysis in the field, performing fast, accurate, on-site human identification and analysis of sensitive evidence in seconds to minutes. This IP-65 rugged device is purpose-built for latent print collection, and integrates custom state-of-the-art live-scan fingerprint collection capability in a commercial mobile-platform. Simultaneous two eye iris capture and associated matching capabilities are available as an option. The VAMPIRE Device is lightweight, portable and intuitive. It requires little forensic knowledge to deliver professional quality results. This device incorporates illumination including UV to help capture latent fingerprint images directly from a variety of surfaces. A unique laser-scaling mechanism eliminates the need for measuring. Fast, easy forensic evidence collection is a simple matter of “point and shoot.” The VAMPIRE Device is versatile, delivering live and latent identification to an onboard watch list. This device also possesses the unique capability to perform latent-to-latent matching, resulting in quick and easy identification of critical leads. The VAMPIRE Tactical Forensic Device is a platform that lends itself to sensor aggregation.

Tactical Law


Sensitive Site


Tactical Law Enforcement Operations

Enhancing Forensic Evidence Collection and Analysis

Saving Valuable Time and Decreasing Costs

VAMPIRE™ quickly captures, collects and triages forensic material, expediting situational awareness for law enforcement personnel. The device’s ability to perform on-site triaging streamlines laboratory procedures that decrease workloads, avoid growing backlogs and prevent delays in processing. VAMPIRE™ uses FBI-standard EBTS formats that improve the efficiency of each transaction. Fingerprints are also captured digitally and aggregated in real time, enabling law enforcement to link the prints and people at a scene. Law enforcement personnel can also use VAMPIRE™ to query against their own biometric datasets.

VAMPIRE™ Capabilities

Handheld and ruggedized, this lightweight, portable tool integrates custom state-of-the-art fingerprint analysis into a commercial mobile-device-type platform.

Latent to Latent

Who was here? With multiple on-board visible and UV forensic light sources, VAMPIRE™ captures dusted latent fingerprint images directly from practically any surface. VAMPIRE™ eliminates the need to use lifting tape, which minimizes the common problem of damaging latent prints. VAMPIRE™ performs Latent-to-Latent, real-time matching across evidence at (or across) scenes and sites.

Latent to Live

Did that suspect touch this? VAMPIRE™ conducts on-site, Live-to-Latent comparisons using an integrated scanner to acquire fingerprints from a live subject. Know immediately whether the persons of interest at your scene were involved.

Live or Latent to Watch List Matching

Are these two prints the same? Whether operating with live or latent images, VAMPIRE™ exports and imports ANSI/NIST ITL EBTS-compliant fingerprint data to build an on-board watch list, and it can be integrated with external databases. Live and latent fingerprint matching against watch lists provides immediate, high-confidence identification of individuals who may be present at the scene, or the object of your search.


Learn more about how Booz Allen's VAMPIRE™ can reduce the time and cost of forensic analysis and identification to help achieve mission success.


The next generation of forensic collection

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Video Resources

Learn more about how Booz Allen's VAMPIRE™ can reduce the time and cost of forensic analysis and identification to help achieve mission success.

Video Thumbnail
VAMPIRE™ Device Delivers Real-Time Data to Military Forces on the Ground

When a combat mission forces a group to abandon a refuge, forces on the ground can use the VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device to collect latent fingerprints for actionable identification on the scene.

Video Thumbnail
Law Enforcement Captures Crime Scene Clues with VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device

Time is of the essence when searching for forensic clues in on a crime scene. The VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device gives law enforcement agents the actionable onsite answers to their most pressing identification intelligence challenges.

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The VAMPIRE™ Device Delivers Real-Time Data to Law Enforcers on the Scene

Law enforcement operators receive the instant answers they need to integrate with key data sources to match forensics or bio-surveillance data from the field with persons of interest, other connected crime scenes or missing persons with VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device.

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