Booz Allen Hamilton


Software and Tools

In addition to providing strategic consulting expertise, Booz Allen offers a suite of software products and tools needed to help our clients solve their most complex business challenges.


Booz Allen's Argo™ tool, a software package tailor made for today’s complex decision landscape, utilizes algorithmic, hardware-independent efficiencies that dramatically reduce run-times and streamline the resources required to perform sophisticated analysis.
Cyber M3

Cyber M³

To stay ahead of today’s rapidly growing cyber threats, organizations need comprehensive, integrated strategies that align with business risk-management objectives across the entire enterprise.

Explore Data Science

Interactive, Web-Based Training Course. Booz Allen’s Explore Data Science introduces common data science theory and techniques to help programmers, mathematicians, and other technical professionals expand their data science expertise.


Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based radio navigation system developed and operated by the U.S. Department of Defense. We provide current GPS almanac and status files as well as historical data for the previous month.


The System Effectiveness Model (SEM) WSEM103 for Single Location and Worldwide/Regional Users for the Global Positioning System (GPS) provides users with a simple yet precise means of forecasting the availability of GPS for any global location at any date and time.


Booz Allen Hamilton has developed Polaris™, a groundbreaking tool to support a new generation of program analysis by integrating cost, schedule and risk.

Project Jellyfish

Project Jellyfish is a community-driven cloud broker platform. The primary function of the platform is to provide a “brokerage” front-end and user experience. The secondary function is connecting to “things”. The focus is on true brokering—helping connect buyers to sellers, helping users make the right decisions and helping enterprises manage the complexity.

Raptor Reliability and Simulation Software

Raptor is a software tool that simulates the operations of any system, whether a manufacturing plant, communications network, or military aircraft.


Sailfish™ is an end-to-end data science solution that blends applications and services to solve the main challenges of a data-driven market: managing data, nurturing talent, and building a data analytics culture.


The VAMPIRE™ Tactical Forensic Device gives frontline law enforcement and military operators the instant answers they need to deliver a tactical forensic edge in the field. The VAMPIRE™ handheld conducts real-time analysis in the field, performing fast, accurate, on-site latent and live fingerprint identification and matching analysis in just seconds.